Jillian Carroll

DOB: June 11, 1988
Hometown:  Lorain, OH
Residence:  Merriam, KS
College: Ball State University – Bachelors in Genetics (2010), Masters in Bioethics (2011); Indiana University School of Medicine – Masters in Genetic Counseling (2013)
Career: Prenatal/Reproductive Genetic Counselor

Personal Bests:
5K – 20:48 (2018)
4 mile – 29:30 (2018)
10K – 47:33 (2018)
Sprint triathlon (500m/11mi/5k) – 1:12:01 (2019)
Olympic triathlon (1500m/25mi/10k) – 2:34:55 (2019)

Personal Bio:
I’ve never been much of a runner. I did all kinds of other sports in high school (volleyball, swimming, diving, and ice skating) but running, eh, not so much. In college I started running and ended up having a really bad breakup with all cardio after falling into bulimia with exercise compensation. Fast forward a few years of therapy and a move to KC, and I started running bits here and there and only when I felt mentally healthy enough to do so. Then, after bilateral stress fractures in my tibias (I was a complete idiot, for sure), I took up triathlon as a means of diversifying my assets. I haven’t looked back since. Running may just be one aspect of a triathlon race, but its the closer. Training to finish strong is always the name of the game.

Triathlon and running have and continue to give me a sense of accomplishment in my body, something I had lost sight of years ago. Having new goals, doing new workouts, and seeing the progress really fuels my fire.