Addison Albin

Born: November 27, 1986
Hometown: Norfolk, NE
Residence: Parkville, MO
Career: Kiewit, Logistics Manager

Personal Bests:
5k – 15:59 (2018 Flash Dash)
4 mile – 21:37 (2017 Trolley Run)
10k – 33:26 (2017 Scout Strong Challenge)
Half Marathon – 1:11:35 (2021 Clinton Historic Half Marathon)
Marathon – 2:28:59 (2020 Bass Pro Marathon)

Personal Bio:
I’m a late comer to the sport.  I started running in college as a way to avoid gaining the dreaded “freshman 15”.  I competed in my first race in 2009 – a 10k.  I was hooked.  My father had been a categorized cyclist for some years, so I naturally was drawn to cycling first.  I bike raced a couple of years, and was competitive, but also raced duathlons, where I found I had a more natural talent for running.

In 2011, I decided to try a marathon.  My first marathon attempt was disrupted due to sickness but bounced back in the fall and ran a 2:47 at Twin Cities.  I knew that was a solid performance but also knew I didn’t know the first thing about proper running training.  I was determined to pour myself into running and learning how to train.  Nevertheless, two months later (in 2011 still), I was sidelined for years due to a rare bone disease that ruined a metatarsal head in my right foot.

In 2014, after nearly three years of ZERO running and three surgeries, I was back.  I took some time getting comfortable with speed again and I had a few more setbacks on the way (typical running injuries plus 4th surgery), but today I’m back at 100 percent and am motivated as ever to find my limits.

I’ve became acquainted with the Kansas City running community having participated in dozens of local races and am closely tied with Sunday Runday North group (#OrangePower!).  I’ve learned the half is my race and hope to squeeze all the time I can out of that distance.  That said, while I was out those years, I told myself if I ever got back, there wasn’t a race I’d turn down, so if it’s 26.2 miles or less, there’s a chance you’ll find me there!