Tabitha Clark


Half marathon-1:51
Marathon- 3:28:06

I ran cross country and track in high school and did fairly well, but only focused on running (not on nutrition or strength training). I twisted my ankle several times during cross country season and ran through it because it wasn’t “that bad”. I was able to push through the injuries in high school, but never fully recovered and after high school I had a hard time running any sort of distance without long walking breaks.

In 2020, I decided I was going to get past my ankle issues, and train for a marathon with the goal of eventually running Boston (a goal I had decided on in highschool but never acted on). In the summer I started working with a personal trainer who helped me with strength training and nutrition. Gaining muscle and losing close to 50 pounds has helped me run mostly injury free. I ran my first marathon in October, hit my goal of a BQ, and will be running Boston in 2022. Now that I’ve reached my goal of making it to Boston, I have decided to focus on shorter distances and work on getting a sub 20 5k.