Matt Stegman

DOB: November 13, 1969
High School: Kapaun Mt. Carmel (Wichita) 1988
College: Wichita State University, 1993
Occupation: Advertising

High School PRs
400m: 50
800m: 1:57
Mile: 4:30
5k: 16:21

Masters PRs
Mile: 4:59 (Mass Street Mile, 2016)
5k: 16:19 (Head for the Cure, 2017)
10k: 34:58 (Plaza 10k, 2017)
Half Marathon: 1:16:47 (Rock the Parkway, 2018)
Marathon: 2:46 (Chicago, 2017)

Matt ran cross country and track in high school, AAU/TAC Junior Olympics and then brief injury-riddled stints at Fort Hays State University and Wichita State University. Back running again after a 20+ year hiatus, his goal is to get his times back down.