Jonathan Bishard

High School: Park Hill High School, Kansas City Missouri
College: Park University, Parkville Missouri
Residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Masters Personal Bests
800m: 2:09.1 (2022)
1500m: 4:14.1 (2021)
Mile: 4:35.9 (2021)
4 mile: 21:33 (2019)
5000m: 16:06 (2020)
10000m: 34:30 (2018)
Half Marathon: 1:13 (2019)
Marathon: 2:42 (2018)

Personal Bio:
My running journey commenced during my freshman year of high school, driven by the desire to participate in sports. Despite initial modest results, I discovered a passion for the unique challenges that running offered. My collegiate years at Park University saw me continue with my running pursuits, accompanied by cherished memories despite average performances. As an adult, my running endeavors experienced intermittent breaks, but in 2014, I reignited my commitment to the sport. With unwavering support from my fiancée, and even my daughter, who has caught the running bug, along with friends, I have found joy in rigorous training and the pursuit of new goals. Notably, I have secured multiple podium finishes at numerous USATF Masters Championships and clinched back-to-back victories in the Masters Mile at the Music City Track Carnival.