Jonathan Bishard

DOB 9/23/1973
High School: Park Hill High School, Kansas City Missouri (1992)
College: Park University, Parkville Missouri (1992-1995)
Residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Masters Personal Bests
1500m: 4:38 (2018)
Mile: 4:59 (2019)
3000m: 9:55 (2018)
4 mile: 21:33 (2019)
5000m: 17:11 (2018)
10000m: 34:30 (2018)
Half Marathon: 1:14.35 (2019)
Marathon: 2:42.19 (2018)

Personal Bio: I began my running career my freshman year of high school as I believed that I needed to play a sport in high school. Despite having very mediocre results I found that I enjoyed the challenges that running presented. I was fortunate enough to run cross country/track at then, Park College. At Park I continued with my mediocre results but have very fond memories of those years. In my adult life I’ve gone through periods of no running with small intermittent periods of training. Beginning in 2014 I renewed my efforts and dedication. With the support of my fiancée, daughter (who has picked up the running bug) and friends I continue to enjoy training hard and setting new goals.