Candice Knuteson

Personal bests: 

1 Mile 6:17:14 Chi-Town 1-miler 07/31/2021 

5k 21:33 Raised Grain Beer Garden 5k 06/10/2021 

1/2 Marathon 1:41:50 Fox Valley 09/19/2021

Marathon CIM 3:25:42 12/5/2021

50k Last Chance Ultra 4:53:10 12/18/2021  

I wasn’t a lifelong runner, I was a late bloomer when it came to running. I got sucked into running in my 30’s by fellow co-workers who signed me up for the first leg on their relay team for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October of 2010.  As we all sat in the grass post-relay they purchased me a Lakefront Marathon coffee mug and swore that I would be back the following year to run the full marathon. I laughed and said no way. They were right, the following year I returned to run my first marathon with a time of 4:41:42. The rest they say is history. 

Running while I travel is my passion in life. My first international marathon was the Cuba Marathon in 2017. I am close to completing my World Majors, I just need Tokyo which was scheduled for March of 2020. In 2020 during the height of COVID and few races I made the best decision in my running career and got a running coach, I saw all PRs in 2021 across all my distances that I attempted.  I run the road but really enjoy trail running as well and have some exciting trail running plans for 2022. I also run to complete city streets all over the world, it’s something called city strides which tracks all the streets you run in cities to their completion.