Join the Kansas City Smoke

Are you looking to take your running career to the next level? Are you dedicated to being your best and ready to compete with a group of highly motivated athletes who share your passion?

If so, we would love to have you as part of the Kansas City Smoke!

To be eligible, you must have run at least one team-qualifying Open or Masters standard within the last 12 months.

Men’s Open Team Standards
Women’s Open Team Standards
Men’s Masters Team Standards 
Women’s Masters Team Standards

Open and Masters team members are expected to compete for the Smoke in at least two USATF National Championships each year, as well as various local and regional races, in concert with each athlete’s individual goals and desires.

For Open athletes, two events of particular importance to the Smoke are the USATF National Club Track & Field Championships and the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships both held annually.

All athletes are expected to obtain a USATF Membership, renew it annually, and wear a Kansas City Smoke team jersey in each event they race in.

Open A Team members will receive various perks including travel reimbursement when competing for the club at national championships, comped entries to various races, jerseys and other gear, shoes, and more.

Open B and Masters Team members will receive a jersey and comped entries to local races when available. Masters Team Members will at times receive other reimbursements and gear when competing for the club in certain national championships.

To apply for membership please send us a brief bio that includes your running history, personal bests, current running goals and emphasis, and date/time/location of at least one performance in the last 12 months that meets our club-qualifying standards.

Athletes should send this information to Kent Hileman (Executive Director) at [email protected]

Kent will get back with you right away. Thanks for your interest in the Kansas City Smoke!