Ryan Villarreal 

Born: April 19, 2000
Hometown: Bonner Springs High School
College: Tabor College
Residence: Edwardsville, KS

Personal Bests:
Mile – 4:42
3K – 9:33
5K – 16:13
10K – 34:42

Personal Bio:
I became interested in running my freshman year of high school. I never got to run the times I would have liked to in high school because I was always getting hurt. I did not enjoy running, so in my senior year of high school, I made the decision not to pursue it in college. However, I missed the sport so much that, two and a half years after I had stopped running in college, I transferred to Tabor College to run for the Bluejays. Despite my ups and downs, I have run at times that I never would have imagined myself doing in high school. My current objectives are to run a 5K in under 16 minutes, as well as try longer races in the half and full marathon with the ultimate goal of finishing the marathon in under 2:40.