Vern Cushenberry

Born: July 12, 1975
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Residence: Overland Park, KS
High School: Kingman High School

Personal Bests:
Mile – 4:46.7 (2023)
5k – 17:23 (2023)
10k – 36:16 (2023)
Half Marathon – 1:19:56 (2023)
Marathon – 2:49:53 (2023)

Personal Bio:
I never wanted to be a runner. All I wanted to do was enjoy a cold beer on the deck with a few friends while watching a Royals game. We were all teed up to do just that. We had bought the “Beers with Fr. Nathan” experience at our Parish’s charity auction, and the good Padre had brewed us up a full fridge of pilsners and ales and stouts and lagers. Not heaven, but close to it. About three drinks deep into the evening, Fr. Nathan starts telling us about his training for the upcoming Chicago Marathon. Four beers deep, he challenges me to join him. “Nah Father, I’m not a runner, not for me.”  Five beers deep (you see where this is going), he says, “We’ll just make it your penance,” to which I replied, “What happened to a couple of Hail Marys and I’m good?” “You need it” he said. Ouch! So, I jumped in and ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2016 and I was hooked. It’s been a steady march towards getting faster ever since and a great ride with good friends at every step. 

My current goal is to set an American Record in the 4×800 (Master Age 45-50) with my relay team, which includes Jeremy Garrett, Jonathan Bishard, and Mike Bartkoski. After that, who knows?