Angela Smith

Residence: Spring Hill, KS

Personal Bests:
5k – 20:08
Half Marathon – 1:28
Marathon – 3:26:13 (2023 Boston)
50 Mile – 7:15

Personal Bio:
I have been running marathons off and on for the past 7 years. I am currently a Certified UESCA Running Coach. I got into marathon running after signing up for the 2016 Olathe Garmin Marathon on a whim. I ran a time of 4:20, placing second in my age group. I was introduced to ultra marathon running while out on a run in 2018. Where I ran happened to be where an ultra marathon was taking place. I wasn’t aware of this until a photographer jumped out of some bushes to take pictures of me. I didn’t want to look silly on the race page, so I ran an unofficial 50k. After I got married and had my daughter in late 2020, I got back into racing. To make training convenient, I ran 60% of the time with a jogging stroller.
Since then, my success as a runner skyrocketed and continues to do so. A couple of my greatest achievements are qualifying for the Boston Marathon and winning two 50 mile ultra marathons. My stroller mile PR is 6:01 and one of my next goals is to break the current Guinness Female Stroller Mile Record of 5:57. I am set to run my first 100k in a month and hope to break 3:10 at the Boston Marathon in April 2023.